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a jointing compound used with rebated 7.5mm fibre-cement sheets.

PT351 comes in 25kg bags - One Tonne minimum order


    A Jointing Compund


    Jointing Compound HEIDELBERGER PT 351
    PT 351 is a factory mixed adhesive render following European standard DIN 18550 and DIN 18555 and is suitable for use as a jointing compound on 7.5mm fibre-cement sheet.
    PT 351 can be universally applied to outdoor areas and has excellent adhesion properties while maintaining optimum flexibility to allow for movement in the structure of the wall.
    PT 351 should be drill mixed only and can be used to a maximum thickness of 5mm in one coat.
    The use of 70mm wide fibreglass mesh embedded wet-in-wet in the plaster is essential. All sheet joins must be meshed in this way. Putz-technik recommends the use of Fibreglass Mesh breglass reinforcing mesh.
    A 25kg bag of PT 351 will normally be sufficient to cover joints on approximately 90 square metres of wall.
    Do not under any circumstances add foreign substances other than clean water to premixed mineral plasters.
    Do not add further water to PT 351/water mixture later than two hours after original mixing time.
    PT 351 is packaged in 25kg paper bags, with 40 bags (1 tonne) per pallet. PT 351 can be stored in a dry place for up to 6 months.
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    Quality Control
    PT 351 is quality controlled at point of manufacture and tested by independent laboratories.
    At the forefront of plastering technology, Putz-technik offers its assistance and experience in the selection and use of our products and machines.
    Demonstrations are available on request.


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