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About Us

Our Plasters:

Putz Technik is a manufacturer of Mineral Plasters made from all natural materials & based on cement, lime & sands all localised in New Zealand. Our Products can be used on most plaster needs including brick, Clay stone and fibrous cement sheeting. The Mineral Renders have been developed in conjunction with machine pumps which are used to lay up the plaster, mineral renders can even be laid up by hand simply mix with clean waters.

Why Mineral?

Mineral Plasters have been used by man since they started building. From Babylonians using gypsum mortars to the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans using Hydraulic plasters made from possolans (powedered volcanic ash). Our mineral plaster technology eliminates variation between mixes & associated problems, is breathing active, non-toxic & environmentally safe, saves money time and labour for a much cleaner, efficient and superior product.

Our plaster is tested and fully comply to New Zealand building standards.

For anymore info look at our Technical information page

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