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Our Specialists

Our specialists are professionals in the application of our plasters, with high efficiency and quality they are the most capable to ensure your vision is achieved if you don't know how to apply and use plaster.

Below you can find how to contact our specialists and some examples of projects they have worked on while using our plasters.


185b North Rd.                  Joel Payne

Clevedon.                              Director

027 525 4024


InsulAPE uses our plaster on slide 1 to insulate and fill out the cracks and holes on this beautiful roof using our exterior plaster. On slide 2 they used it to fill out the walls a restaurant allowing them to apply the chrome like backdrop on the wall. On slide 3 they used our plaster in a more simple job to ensure a mail box had no holes and was properly affixed to the ground using again our plaster for exterior use. On slides 4-8 you can see InsulAPE using our plaster on the exterior of a house fixing the cracks on the wall and making the house look brand new from its exterior


You can see more uses of our plaster and specialists below or on our Gallery

Kane Plastering

Martin Kane

0274 951 087

Sculpture Wall Company


On slide 1 you can see Kane Plastering use the plaster to help affix and secure the fireplace into the wall with no leaks or imperfections. On slide 2 you can see how the plaster has fully affixed the fireplace and has made it safe without sacrificing too much of its aesthetic look. On slide 3 and 4 the wall shown has been fully restored with our plaster keeping the wall steady and fully propped up with no worries. Showing the prowess of our specialists on maintaining a beautiful design while making it serve its purpose


You can see more uses of our plaster and specialists above/below or on our Gallery

Kevin Birdling



Sculpture Wall Company throughout all 7 slides has used our plaster to help renovate the chimneys and walls in this property. Throughout the photos you can see the final products of Sculpture Wall Company while the last two slides show how the drive way wall had lines from being placed and how it looks when it has been smoothed using our plaster.

You can see more uses of our plaster and specialists above or on our Gallery

Get Our Plaster From These Suppliers 

Our Plaster can also be found with these suppliers.

Trade Direct

0508 TDW TDW (0508 839 839)

Manners Building Products

0800 MANNERS (6266377) /09 415 7488

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