Bonding Render (7.5)

PT350 comes in 25kg bags


    a bonding and straightening plaster used in thin coat plaster solutions for min 7.5mm fibre-cement sheet. Retarded hydration allows this to be used as a skim coat over high suction substrates, min 1mm.


    Skimcoat Render (for fibre-cement sheet) HEIDELBERGERPT350
    PT 350 Skimcoat Render is a factory mixed adhesive render following European standard DIN 18550 and DIN 18555 and is suitable for use as a thincoat bonding render on 7.5mm fibre-cement sheet and AAC Blocks.
    PT 350 can be universally applied to outdoor areas. PT 350 can be used to provide a key and/or to straighten wall before the application of a finishing render.
    The substrate must be of a sound nature, free from dust and loose particles and other contaminants which could affect adhesion and bonding strengths of subsequent coatings.
    PT 350 can be trowelled to a minimum thickness of 3 t o 4 mm as a bonding and/or straightening coat on bre-cement sheet thereby providing a bonding surface for further coats of plaster. PT 350 is suitable for commercial plastering machines or manual application (drill mixed only).
    Depending on the substrate a 25kg bag of PT350 yield approximately 5 square metres at 3 to 4 mm thickness.
    Do not under any circumstances add foreign substances other than clean water to premixed mineral plasters.
    Do not add further water to PT 350/water mixture later than two hours after original mixing time.
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    PT 350 is manufactured using selected aggregates, cement and mineral additives. Sand particle size range is 0—1.0mm.
    PT 350 has a high water vapour permeability (breathing activity). Where a re resistance rating is required please contact Putz-technik.
    Compressive Strength N/mm²
    following European Standard DIN 18555 > 3
    Flexural Strength N/mm² > 2.5
    Bond Strength N/mm² > 0.3
    Water Demand
    following European Standard DIN 52617 < 0.5 Water Retention (%) 99.8
    Water Absorption Coefficient < 0.25
    PT 350 is packaged in 25kg paper bags, with 40 bags (1 tonne) per pallet. PT 350 can be stored in a dry place for up to 6 months.
    Quality Control
    PT 350 is quality controlled at point of manufacture and tested by independent laboratories.
    At the forefront of plastering technology, Putz-technik offers its assistance and experience in the selection and use of our products and machines.
    Demonstrations are available on request.


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