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Mineral Plaster on Concrete Block

PT200 comes in 25kg bags


    a robust render suitable as a basecoat on concrete block or AAC, 5—20mm.


    Basecoat Render HEIDELBERGER PT200
    PT 200 is a factory mixed machine plaster following European standard DIN 18550 and DIN 18555 and is suitable for use as a basecoat over all masonry substrates including AAC block and panel.
    The substrate must be of a sound nature, free from dust and loose particles, form release oils and other contaminants which could affect adhesion and bonding strengths of subsequent coatings.
    Substrates with voids, defects and uneven surfaces do not require special preparation.
    In the case fibre-cement sheeting, smooth concrete, painted surfaces and polystyrene a key (e.g. steel wire mesh, PT 300 etc) must be applied prior to the application of PT 200. Contact Putz-technik for specific application details.
    With excellent adhesion and having a favourable compression/flexural strength ratio, PT 200 is suitable for commercial plastering machines or manual application (drill or machine mixed). PT 200 can be used as a basecoat on rough concrete or concrete block to a minimum thickness of 8mm.
    On AAC panel or over areas of known or potential stress such as door and window lintels, dissimilar substrates, panel deflection due to wind loading etc, Putz-technik recommends the use of Fibreglass Mesh breglass reinforcing mesh embedded wet-in-wet in the plaster. Ensure that the breglass mesh is trowelled in such a way that it remains towards the exterior surface of the plaster and that it is overlapped at least 100mm where it is joined.
    During setting the applied areas may be screeded, floated and cut. Once the required straightness and surface has been achieved, and following sufficient drying time, further coats of PT 200 or the desired finishing render can be applied. It is recommended that ‘h’ profile straight-edges be used with this product for best results.
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    Depending on the substrate a 25kg bag of PT 200 yields approximately 1.5 square metres at 10mm thickness.
    Do not under any circumstances add foreign substances other than clean water to premixed mineral plasters.
    PT 200 should not be applied to wet or green cementitious substrates before a reasonable curing/drying period.
    Paint should not be applied to mineral plasters until sufficiently hardened and dried.
    Allow 1 day/mm drying time prior to applying further coats of plaster. If necessary, contact Putz-technik for further information on drying times.
    PT 200 is manufactured using selected grades of sand, lime, cement and mineral additives. Sand particle size range is 0—2.0mm.
    PT 200 has a high water vapour permeability (breathing activity). Where a re resistance rating is required please contact Putz-technik. Diffusion equivalent 15/35
    Air-Entrainment vol %
    Water retention % 95.0
    Flexural strength N/mm²
    Compressive strength N/mm²
    Bond strength N/mm²
    PT 200 is packaged in 25kg paper bags, with 40 bags (1 tonne) per pallet. PT 200 can be stored in a dry place for up to 6 months.
    Quality Control
    PT 200 is quality controlled at point of manufacture and tested by independent laboratories.
    At the forefront of plastering technology, Putz-technik offers its assistance and experience in the selection and use of our products and machines.
    Demonstrations are available on request.


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