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A gypsum/lime whiteset render for high level polished internal finishing

PT402 comes in 25kg bags - order is for one tonne minimum


    a gypsum/lime whiteset render for high level polished internal finishing


    Whiteset Internal Renders HEIDELBERGER PT 400, PT 402, PT451
    PT 400, PT 451 and PT 402 are factory mixed gypsum-lime based dry plasters following European standard DIN 18550 and DIN 18555.
    PT 400 Adhesive Render can be applied to all internal walls and ceilings and to all masonry substrates including fibre cement sheet, as well as Gib Board.
    PT 451 is specially formulated for use as a basecoat on polystyrene.
    Where a high level trowel finish is required PT 402 can be applied as a finishing coat over PT 400 or directly over Gib Board.
    All three gypsum plasters have excellent adhesion and compression/flexural strength ratios. Preparation
    The substrate must be of a sound nature, free from dust and loose particles, form release oils and other contaminants which could affect adhesion and bonding strengths of subsequent coatings.
    Substrates with voids, defects and uneven surfaces do not require special preparation.
    When rendering Gib Board with PT 400 or PT 402, all joins must be taped and stopped prior to plastering.
    In bathrooms or where waterproofing of internal walls may be required, contact Putz-technik for application details.
    On polystyrene, PT 451 is used as a basecoat from 5mm to 8mm thick, thereby providing a bonding surface for further coats of gypsum plaster (i.e. PT 400).
    PT 400 can be applied as a single coat directly to masonry and Gib board substrates without the necessity of a basecoat. PT 400 can be applied from 3mm up to 20mm thick. PT 402 can be applied to a minimum thickness of 2mm.
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    PT 400 and PT 451 are suitable for commercial plastering machines or manual application (drill mixed only). PT 402 is suitable for drill mixing only.
    When rendering polystyrene, the use of fibreglass mesh fully embedded wet-in-wet in the first 5—8mm of plaster (PT 451) is essential over the entire area being plastered. When trowelling mesh into PT 451 in this way ensure that the breglass mesh is trowelled so that it remains towards the exterior surface of the plaster and that it is overlapped at least 100mm where it is joined. Putz-technik recommends the use of Fibreglass Mesh breglass reinforcing mesh..
    When rendering cementitious substrates or Gib Board (with PT 400), fibreglass mesh should be used in areas of known or potential stress such as door and window lintels, dissimilar substrates, etc.
    With a 3—4 hour setting time, all three whitesets can be easily worked to any desired effect.
    PT 400 and PT 402 can be ordered pre-coloured with oxide.
    Depending on the substrate a 16.67kg bag of PT 400, PT 402 or PT 451 yields approximately 1.5—6.0 square metres.
    Do not under any circumstances add foreign substances other than clean water to premixed mineral plasters.
    Paints and sealers should not be applied to mineral plasters until sufficiently hardened and dried.
    Once mixed, do not add further water to whiteset/water mixture .
    PT 400, PT 402 and PT 451 are manufactured using selected aggregates, gypsum, lime and mineral additives. Sand particle size range is 0—1.0mm.
    All three whitesets have high water vapour permeability (breathing activity). Where a re resistance rating is required please contact Putz-technik.
    Compressive Strength N/mm²
    following European Standard DIN 18555 2.5—3.5
    Flexural strength N/mm² 1—1.5
    Specific gravity 1.20
    PT 400, PT 402 and PT 451 are packaged in 16.67kg paper bags, with 30 bags (½ tonne) per pallet.
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    PT 400, PT 402 and PT 451 can be stored in a dry place for up to 6 months.
    Quality Control
    PT 400, PT 402 and 451 are quality controlled at point of manufacture and tested by independent laboratories.
    At the forefront of plastering technology, Putz-technik offers its assistance and experience in the selection and use of our products and machines.
    Demonstrations are available on request.


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